WOW what a revelation. Thank you Jesus Isaiah 40:28-31

I played and sang on my guitar  Isaiah 40:28-31 this morning. All i can say is that God’s understanding is truly unsearchable. If you are weary and about to faint today as you  choked by the things of this world read this and as you wait upon the Lord he will lift you up and renew your strength.

Lets Pray…. Father i thank you that today as i am weary you will lift me up as i wait upon you and give me peace. I thank you in Jesus name. Amen

If you need payer leave you prayer in the comments and i will pray for you

blessings Johan


My latest Song

wpid-20141202_222222.jpgNot my song but i love singing from the bible and tonight as i was meditating on the Lord the Holy Spirit prompted me to sing Isaiah 9:6. I got excited grabbed my guitar and started singing playing my own way, own cords and style. Wow what a blessing. The words are so powerful and i added a few of my own at the end and one other verse. I will soon record it and post to You Tube. The other day while spending time with the Lord these words also came into my heart. ” What will wash away my sins, Nothing but the blood of Jesus” i started singing it and added some more words only to find out the next day there is a hymn that starts with the same words. Exciting times as when we yield to the Holy Spirit awesome things happen. God is Good and Praise the name of Jesus
Blessing and Jesus Loves You