26 years Born Again met Jesus my Saviour

Today 1st May 26 years ago 1am in the morning i fell on my knees in my flat in Morningside and cried out JESUS. My room was filled with a bright streaming light and Jesus poured out His love to me. This moment that last a few hours i cannot describe with no words but one thing i know i found my Saviour Jesus.

Been 26 years today and every day with Jesus is new day. Everyday i exsperience His deep and wonderfull love, grace and mercies for me inspite of my faults. His love for me is WOW AWESOME. So much has He done for me over the last 26 years since i met Him that His love for me compels me to the least i canĀ  do just go and take the gospel and share His love on the highways and byways where He sends me and i go.

Thank you Jesus for saving me on the 1st May 1991