Cape Town to Mighty Men Malmesbury Cross Walk


Start of my walk from Tableview

The walk from Table View, Cape Town to the Mighty Men Conference near Malmesbury went very well with many people stopped for counseling and prayer. As I left I did not have a place to sleep in Philadelphia but the Lord already had a place prepared for me as i have just started walking, got onto the N7 passing Du Noon when I got a sms saying I must contact Susan as they will give me a place to sleep for the night in Philadelphia.


Nic surprised me with lunch – thanks bro

Nic Meadows a friend surprised me with lunch just as I was approaching the dump turn off. Thanks Nic may our Lord bless you.

I was spoiled with a lovely supper and breakfast and some awesome fellowship staying by Denel & Susan in Philadelphia. I got back on the road towards Malmesbury about 9am the next morning.

There is two thing I would like to share that happened on this walk

  1. During my walk coming closer to Philadelphia I noticed a lot of wheat fields with them being very close to harvest. As I left the next morning I asked the Lord to show me some wheat that I can take with me. As I walked all of a sudden a few wheat plants was next to the road which I pulled out and carried with me all the way to the farm. I took the picture below on the N7 as I believe that the END TIME HARVEST is near and is ready to be harvested. I also found out that the wheat will be ready for harvest within the next month from the people I stayed with. Praise the Lord. Then He said to them, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest. Luke 10:2
    Are you going to be part of this mighty end time army of laborers in this final hour to reap this mighty harvest for Jesus?


    Wheat i picked along the road – it is HARVEST TIME

  2. One other thing that really stood out for me on this walk is that as i was about to get onto the N7 from Philadelphia a young lady that passed me made a u-turn to come and speak to me. She said if I am ever there again we welcome to stay at her house. I prayed for her but then felt led to ask her if there is anything specifically she needs prayer for. Without hesitation she said that she cant have a baby. I then fetched the oil from my bag and laid hands on her anointing her with oil. i firmly believe that shortly she and her husband will be calling me to announce that she is pregnant. What a blessing it would be for me to also dedicate this little one to the Lord Jesus

My number plate for the trip

At one time the GPS on my phone said I still had 11km to go to the farm. According to my calculations it was suppose to be be only 5km. Somebody on the way stopped on the way to the conference and took my luggage with them. They also confirmed it was 11km to go. I wanted to get there by 6pm to be part of the opening service and with this distance left I was not going to make it in time. Apart from that I pulled a muscle on my right leg and with a nasty blister under my left foot giving me uphill it slowed me down as I walked.


Arriving @ Moreson Farm Mighty Men Western Cape

But I was determent to get there in time and although you feel tempted to hitch a ride as i was offered one i refused and ask the Lord to help me for strenght to complete the walk. Imagine the surprise as I came over a hill and see the camp site with 100’s of tents about 1km away. I shouted and rejoiced praising the Lord. I got to the camp site just before 5pm just before the runners from Table Mountain got there.

We joined the opening service and it was a blessing to be part of the Western Cape Mighty men conference. Sunday somebody gave Winnie a lift to join me at the morning service.


Our campsite with Ray

I stayed with Ray Hall during the camp and we had a blessed time together with a few other guys. Thanks Ray for giving me a place to sleep. He also gave Winnie and me and the cross a lift back to Cape Town. All Glory to God and thank you Jesus for all the people that I could share the Gospel with during the 4 days.

Thank you to everybody that prayed for me during this walk, stopped to give me a drink, food and shelter. Most of all thank you Jesus and His angels that protected and guided me during this time GOD IS GOOD


Start of my 2 day walk to Malmesbury


One of the services at Mighty Men Western Cape


Table Mountain in the distance with wheat fields along side the N7 to Malmesbury


On the last day stopped to pray for some brothers on there way back to George