Langebaan NG Church 23rd December 2015 – Why i walk around NG church 7 times with Cross

(Why do i walk with the cross 7 times around the NG Church some ask? I don’t know and is only doing it in obedience to God telling me to do it. After i walked around the NG church in Langebaan when we got to Vredenburg and stopped outside the NG church to meet sombody the Holy Spirit told me that as of now every town we visit in Western Cape i must walk around the NG church as He showed me how to do it in Langebaan. To date we have only 5 ng churches to walk in the Western Cape in Stellenbosch )

Yesterday 23rd Dec 2015 walking in Langebaan Holy Spirit led me to walk up Oostewaal Road towards the end of town. On the way the Holy Spirit told me to walk to the Langebaan NG church to pray there. When I got closer the Lord told me to pick up 7 stones but told me to wait until I get to the church as He will show me where to find them.

When i got to the NG church there was a lot of people there with some church activities. I put the cross down and asked the Lord where I must pick up the stones as i could only see a lot of gravel lying around. He told me I need to walk down to the beach where I will find them as the stones have to be natural and not man made. I walked to the beach about 200m from the church. When I got to the beach I picked up 3 big stones as I could not find any around but Lord said not those He will show me. I continued to walk and all of a sudden which wasn’t there before a wave moved back and there was a lot of small stones. The Lord told me to pick up 7 stones. I picked up 7 stones and walked back to the church.

I also noticed that there is a Methodist church is next to the NG church in the same grounds. The Lord told me that the 7 stones I need to use as an indicator as He want me to walk around the church 7 times and pray in tongues only as I walk. The Lord said I have to start by the tower with the cross that is on top. Every time I pass I must throw one of the stones down at the foot of that tower until I have walk around 7 times.
I walk and interceded praying only in the spirit as the Lord gave me utterance and not one word of understanding. Every time I passed people just looked at me as if i was not there and nobody approached me to find out what I am doing bearing in mind I was carrying a 4 meter cross.

As I finished the 6th time around the church the Lord said I must walk the 7th time praising and worshiping him aloud. i sand the song How great is our God loudly even walking past people and it was as if nobody saw me. I completed the walk, sat down prayed and rest a few minutes, left the NG church grounds and continued to walk down the road back to the beach.

Thank you  Lord for great things that You are going and is doing in Langebaan with all the people the unbelievers and believers from all churches

(The next day walking on the Oostevaal road a lady stop very excited to meet me. She said she was from the Methodist church next to the NG. i shared with her what the Lord said i must do. She said they have been praying for a long time trusting the Lord for there own church building)



NG Church Langebaan Lord led me to pray



Lord told me to go to beach to find 7 stones


Lord told me to throw a small stone at the foot of the tower that holds the cross every time i pass for 7 times



As i completed the 6th time Lord told me to as i walk the 7th time to loudly praise and worship Him


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