Cross from Town to Town

Residents’ interest would have been piqued by a man shouldering a large wooden cross around Hout Bay last week, an undertaking he says is “God’s will”.

For the past two years, Johan and Winnie Marais have been traversing the Western Cape and other parts of the country in their camper van, spreading awareness about the Gospel.

On reaching a destination, Johan will walk with the cross, weighing more than 30kg, to remind people that Jesus died for their sins.

The Sentinel caught up with the couple on the beach on Friday September 1, shortly before Johan was scheduled to begin his afternoon “pilgrimage”.

Born in Cape Town but growing up in KwaZulu-Natal, Johan has always been religious, serving as an evangelist while also working as a web developer. (correction: Johan have not always been religious but became born again in Christ 1st May 26 years ago)

“A few years ago, I asked God, ‘What more can I do for you?’ The Holy Spirit came to me, and told me that I should make a cross and walk to all the towns of the Western Cape, reminding people what Jesus did for them,” he said.

While Winnie was initially sceptical of what it was God wanted the couple to do, a stroll on Bloubergstrand convinced her that her husband’s calling had to be answered. She came across a stone on which a perfectly formed cross motif had formed and she took this as a sign.

Since then, the couple have travelled to many parts of the Western Cape, including Fish Hoek, Cape Winelands, Klein Karoo, the Atlantic Seaboard and Cape Town CBD, spreading their message.

They have also visited Pretoria and KwaZulu-Natal.

The couple can spend anywhere between a few hours and a month in a specific location, “depending on what God required of them”, Johan said.

On some occasions, Winnie will walk alongside her husband as he carries the cross, which is fitted with a small wheel at its base.

At other times, she will stay in the camper van praying for the town in which they find themselves.

“People are generally receptive of us, but some people do call me crazy and show me signs as I walk. I don’t let that bother me. I do have books and tapes I offer them, and it’s fine if they don’t accept. The Gospel can’t be forced on you,” Johan said.

He conceded it was “a challenge to live like this”, but they managed. “We do have a small group of people who support us with donations, and people do give us some money. But if we are in a place and we don’t have money for petrol, then we believe God is keeping us in that place for a reason.”

Recently, the couple acquired a tent and public address system, enabling them to preach to people more effectively.

“We still have 40 towns in the Western Cape we must visit, and we are looking forward to that. We would also like to visit Llandudno. We have been following what is happening in Hout Bay, and the other day I went to pray near the traffic circle outside the township (Imizamo Yethu). We pray for unity among all the communities of Hout Bay.”

(Article written by  reporter from Sentinal Newspaper Houtbay)

are you living the book of Acts?

  1. Read the book of Acts. Does your walk with Christ reflect what happened in Acts?

If not you need to come back to the cross, rededicate your life to Jesus, but dont stay at the cross. Go past the Cross enter the tomb and get rid of all the dead bones and wordly stuff that poluted your walk. Get out of the grave, get baptized afresh in the Holy Ghost and Live the resurected Life beyond the cross.

Then you will exsperience the signs and wonders and miracles as the Christians walked in the book if Acts.

It is time Christians start walking in the resurected life of Christ as He is Risen indeed.

26 years Born Again met Jesus my Saviour

Today 1st May 26 years ago 1am in the morning i fell on my knees in my flat in Morningside and cried out JESUS. My room was filled with a bright streaming light and Jesus poured out His love to me. This moment that last a few hours i cannot describe with no words but one thing i know i found my Saviour Jesus.

Been 26 years today and every day with Jesus is new day. Everyday i exsperience His deep and wonderfull love, grace and mercies for me inspite of my faults. His love for me is WOW AWESOME. So much has He done for me over the last 26 years since i met Him that His love for me compels me to the least i can  do just go and take the gospel and share His love on the highways and byways where He sends me and i go.

Thank you Jesus for saving me on the 1st May 1991

Next stage of towns we have been visited since we left Durban old server

Below is a list of towns we have and will be visiting after we  left Durban for the Western Cape. The ones in RED is where we have been to date and the ones with a is where Holy Spirit led us to walk 7 times around the NG church as Jesus told us to do (Read HERE  IS WHY I WALK AROUND THE NG CHURCH). The Lord have send us to 190 + Cities/Towns and Villages in the Western Cape since we started in Fishhoek nearly 5 years ago. Click HERE for the other places we visited with the cross

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John 3:16 Ministries New Motorhome – Thank you Jesus

Our little gospel van that we lived in for over a year taking the gospel with the cross all over Western Cape visiting 84 towns will retiring in the ministry for now. For all those that gave towards the motor-home Winnie and i would like to thank you for being obedient to our Lord Jesus in giving towards the work we doing. Our next leg walking with the cross is going to be a new experience and will change the way we live. Below is some picture of the motorhome that is a Bedford Ford with a V6 engine. Fitted with a large double bed, fitted kitchen, air-con and bathroom it will be a blessing to be on the road. I will update picture as soon as i have added sign-writing and mounted the cross.

Winnie and i want to thank our supporters and prayer partners and have a blessed Christmas and God’s richest blessing for 2017